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Announcing support for Skill based learning

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KloudLearn announces support for skill based learning - a radical approach to acquiring skills that matter.

What are skills and why are they important

As automation, AI, and new job models redefine the business world, lifelong learning has become accepted as an economic imperative. Most CEOs now believe the need for new skills is their biggest business challenge.

But acquiring new skills and building skill based library is easier said than done.

Challenges in launching skill based learning

The following were the challenges cited by L&D managers in our survey of 20+ L&D managers of companies greater than 1000 employees

— Skill assesment and skill gap tools exist in silos
— Learning libraries and skill assement tools don’t really talk to each other.
— There is no easy way to map an organization’s requriements in terms of jobs to skills on an ongoing basis.
— It is very difficult, if not impossible to have an updated set of content library that reflects the needs of real world skills.

Our Solution

Kloudlearn ensures that there’s a ready made library of roles, mapped skills and that there are skills available in all content regardless of source. Every asset also has a points mechanism that allows us to measure the effort estimate that is required to complete the content.

The Learner’s Journey

The learner starts off by selecting the role. Subsequently, the learner gets several skills recommended.

Step 1: User selects the role to learn

User selects his/her role

Step 2: User gets recommendations of skills

User automatically gets recommendations based on skills

Step 3: User gets content recommedations

User automatically gets content that is relevant to the skills that he/she wants to learn.

Step 4: Skills get added to user profiles

As user makes learning progress, skills and the points get added to the user profile.

The learner selects the skills that he/she wants to learn and selects the proficiency level on a scale of 1-10.

Remember that at this point, KloudLearn will ensure that all the content that the learner sees will include skills.

Recommending Content

The recommendation engine works as a part of the learner landing page which is the newsfeed, to provide contextually relevant recommendations to the learner based on the skills that they wanted to learn. It also takes into account various other factors such as the pace of the learner, the content already completed, the self rating and skill competency of the learner demonstrated via various assesments.

User profiles are enriched as the learner progresses through the learning journey

As the user completes content, the skills along with points (representing the effort estimate to complete the content) gets added to the user profile.

As the user continues through the learning journey, a user profile begins to reflect the actual learning effort that the user has made.

Various skills and their respective points become a part of the user profile.

How do we help

We believe that skill based learning is here to stay and hence have enhanced KloudLearn to ensure that all learning is skill based.

KloudLearn provides a built in library of roles and skills that you can use to kickstart your training initiatives.

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