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The Value of Onboarding

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Starting a new role for an employee can be a little overwhelming as they leave their familiar old routine and start a new one. From how they travel to work, where they eat and drink, and even colleagues and friends with whom they interact, everything changes. Imagine a scenario where their new boss presents a new employee with some details to learn, shows the bathroom and kitchen facilities, introduces a few other staff members, and then leaves them to their own devices to find out how to do the job. To put ourselves in the shoes of the employee for a second, how do we think the new employee would handle?

The employees onboarding training is a way to ensure that new employees ‘ first impressions are positive. While the orientation of employees is a one-time event, an onboarding worker is a long-term process designed to help recruits acclimate to the activities and culture of an organization. It can be tricky to implement this process. Tellingly, however, doing so results in significant positive results.

Why Onboarding Training Matters

Companies spend significant resources on employee turnover and loss of productivity without effective onboarding procedures. Onboarding process improves employee engagement and works for recruits to get them up to speed even faster. The system helps all new hires, old workers, and business leaders.

Employee onboarding process is a useful practice of continuous support for workers. It’s good for business as well. According to the Human Resource Management Society (SHRM),

— 69% If they have a successful onboard experience, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years.

— For more than three years with an organization, new hires were 58% more likely to stay if they were going through a structured onboarding program.

— Organizations with a standard onboard system profit from new hires with 50 percent more efficiency.

On the other hand, the turnover price may be steep. According to the SAGE report discussed in Inc., it can cost between 30 and 50% of the individual salary of that person to replace an entry-level worker. It can cost 150% to replace a mid-level employee, while it can cost up to 400% to replace high-level employees or employees in specialized areas. Additional expenses may include loss of productivity for seasoned employees as new employees get up to speed or overtime coverage.
Because onboarding employees are vital for businesses, they can maximize their success by defining their program’s objectives clearly.

Employee Onboarding Training Goals

Practical onboard experience for employees should achieve goals that prepare a new employee for success in their role comprehensively. The SHRM article describes three main goals that businesses strive to achieve when planning their employee onboard program: each organization has its own culture, personality, and ideology. Formal assistance to acclimatize new employees means helping them understand the company’s procedures, expectations, and how their role contributes to the company’s objectives.
Engaged employees contribute to increased profitability, improved safety records, less absenteeism, and a host of other benefits. They are hiring employees onboard means helping them build relationships with management and peers, recognizing them, by offering opportunities for professional growth. A successful onboarding system of employees makes new employees excited about their choice to work in a business. It helps them feel respected and welcome and look forward to the organization’s future.

Onboarding Training Considerations

Once the priorities of an organization are set, they can then start to consider realistic ways of implementing their onboard LAN.

— When will the process of onboarding begin? How long is this going to take?

— At the end of their first day, what impression should new hires feel about the company?

— What do new employees need to know about the working culture of your company?

— How do human resources play a role in the onboarding process? Direct executives? Peers?

— How does the output of the worker calculate the company?

The company should also strive to make as easy as possible the transition of new employees into the organization. The company, such as: must take proactive steps.

— Send emails about the arrival of the new employee to the office.

— Provide nameplates, business cards, and security badges for new employees if needed.

— Establishing new computers for employees and setting up email accounts.

— They are preparing to answer common questions, such as where to park, where the toilets are, how the copy machine functions, and who should speak to a new employee if they have additional questions.

When developing onboarding training procedures, many more considerations can be taken into account, especially when the company’s unique needs have to be met. Individuals who are passionate about this type of smart leadership can benefit from the right degree.

Setting up onboarding with KloudLearn

With Kloud Learn onboarding training, HRs can advance their orientation and training proceedings with sheer creativity and enthusiasm and become leaders in the corporate world of high-opportunity. A rigorous onboarding program provides real-world skills to the employees in any given field of business, to help them settle down in their new environment with ease. Use Kloud Learn onboarding training to show new hires that your business values teamwork and positivity. With some light exercise and friendly competition, break up a day of training and paperwork. Many big companies have used our fun events to introduce employees to a new office environment. Reach out to us today and plan an orientation day for your organisation to roll the ball for successful onboarding training.

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