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Autonomous Learning

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The LMS industry has been waiting for a Killer App and we have just discovered it. Read on..

The LMS industry has been dominated by staid and archaic solutions for years now – Static Content, barely friendly user interfaces, thrust by HR and Compliance teams to un-suspecting users who had no other choice. This pretty much sums up the LMS 1.0 solutions. For sure they served an useful purpose - they were fine for mandatory training (Security training, Sexual harassment training, etc.).

LXP (Learning Experience Platforms) went a long way where users got the benefit of curating content, facilitating more interaction between learners. Considering that 70%+ learning happens by peers sharing learning experiences, LXPs went a long way in facilitating dynamic and rich learning experiences.

In a dynamic, ever changing and highly competitive business climate that every business finds itself, modern day organizations need a powerful and unique combination of the 2, further enhanced by latest technologies such as AI, Personalization, Rich Analytics, Gamification and Rich social interactions.

This is precisely what we have done at KloudLearn. We have taken Learning Technologies to the next level.

We were impressed and inspired by a HBR article - “Educating the Next Generation of Leaders” and these are our guiding design tenets for KloudLearn. We have outlined it at this blog.

In a nutshell we believe in the key messages outlined:

— Learning needs to be personalized
— Learning needs to have a social dimension
— Learning needs to be contextualized.
— Learning outcomes need to be transparently tracked and (in some cases) authenticated.

We have delivered the industry’s first AI-powered learning platform. We have termed it Autonomous Learning. While Google and Tesla are busy delivering Autonomous Cars to make your life easier, we have been busy developing our Autonomous Learning platform, KloudLearn. We would love to give you a KloudLearn demo. Reach out to us at

Feb 20, 2020 Learning Management System (LMS) is a common industry term. Most folks know what an LMS is, perhaps at a vague level. Their view might be...

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Announcing support for SCORM 1.2 and 2004
Jan 5, 2020 KloudLearn announces support for SCORM 1.2. and SCORM 2004

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Autonomous Learning
Dec 24, 2019 The LMS industry has been waiting for a Killer App and we have just discovered it. Read on.. The LMS industry has been dominated by...

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Announcing Completion Settings
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Announcing support for Skill based learning
Nov 11, 2019 KloudLearn announces support for skill based learning - a radical approach to acquiring skills that matter.

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Collaborative learning with the new course player experience
Oct 3, 2019 In this blog, we will in depth all of the features of the new course player along with the entire user journey.

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