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Learning Management System (LMS) is a common industry term. Most folks know what an LMS is, perhaps at a vague level. Their view might be vastly different – could be anything from training courses on a CD-ROM to a YouTube play list. Nevertheless, one is unlikely to get a huge debate on what an LMS is.

However, Learning Experience Platform (LXP) being a very new field, there is very little understanding, leave alone convergence on what LXP means.

It is useful to view the problem along the following dimensions:

Content - In an LMS, the LMS administrator (trainer, HR administrator, compliance manager) controls the content.

Journey – In an LMS solution, the learning path, workflows, sequences are pre-engineered and static. It allows for little or no ability for the user or learner to define their own navigation sequences

Content Delivery – In traditional LMS systems, content is by and large pushed to the user, whereas in the case of LXP, learners define their own content consumption pace and sequence.

Learning Approach – since the content is personalized and peer generated, reviewed and consumed, LXP solutions tend to be a lot more practical, where as LMS solutions tend to be Theoretical – examples of John Doe and Jane Doe being rather common in LMS systems

Learning Pace – For the reasons outlined above the learning pace in LMS systems are managed by the instructor and is self paced in the case of LXP solutions

Social Dimension – This is a very major area where LXP differs from LMS. LMS (partly because of the limitation of technology and the limited view of the Product Creators) focused on building systems that essentially mimicked the traditional 200 year old classroom approach – Teacher Monologue and Silent Listener Student. Since it is widely accepted that learning is a very social process, most efficient learning is done amongst cohorts, and in highly cooperative and mildly competitive environment. LXPs aim to model this very important social dimension.

Goal – As a bottom-line, LMS seve a very important purpose if the goal of the teaching process is one that is related to compliance. LXP on the other hand is ideal when organizations are looking for continuous learning.

Back to the million $ question, LMS or LXP – which one is right for you. In today’s business context, one needs a Learning Platform – one that combines LMS and LXP functions in a very unique and blended way. That is precisely what KloudLearn delivers.

About KloudLearn

KloudLearn, is an Autonomous Learning platform. Combining LMS 1.0 and LXP (Learning Experience Platforms) and powered by an AI engine, KloudLearn serves as the foundation for continuous learning, reskilling, etc. to help individuals and organizations achieve their true potential.

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