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Announcing KloudLearn

I am very excited to announce KloudLearn - a modern learning platform that is built for everyone. Our mission is to democratize training solutions and make it available for everyone - small businesses, Sales teams, customer support, customer training etc.

With KloudLearn, companies can build internal IT training, employee onboarding, Sales Enablement training or compliance based training with your own content in minutes.

You can also build content really easily. KloudLearn is a modern take on learning platforms.

KloudLearn is different because

  • It has a modern platform with crisp, simple and easy to use interface
  • Built in training solutions like livestreams or web-meetings allow you to host web conferences or live sessions to train, record and share great content.
  • Publish and create simple web pages to host content including your courses, live-streams, information about webinars etc.
  • Externally embeddable assets - courses, videos or web conferences that are built within the platform.

Kloudlearn is built for everyone to train their employees and customers. Meet compliance goals, performance goals or simply build better customer training material.

Sign up at to try out our early release.

Blog edited [1/17/2019]