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Announcing Livestreams on KloudLearn

We’re announcing the ability to publish a live video broadcast (livestreams) to be used for use cases such as training or conducting webinars. A live video broadcast is a great tool when you have to deliver training, webinars or general video at real-time to a large audience.

You can create a livestream on KloudLearn in minutes. KloudLearn uses OBS Studio as a video client to deliver livestreams. OBS or Open Broadcasting Software, does a great job of stitching audio, video and desktop sharing in a single client and enable you to broadcast the video to your audience on KloudLearn.

You can share screens, add your video as a picture in picture or add other sources as necessary within OBS and stream to KloudLearn.

You can easily power live streaming across your organization to thousands of users using KloudLearn, or run webinars targeting your customers.

Living the problem and building a product to solve it

The livestream feature addresses a problem statement we have faced over and over again.

  • How do we deliver a live video stream outside of social platforms to a business or a learning audience.
  • How can we make publishing of content simple?
  • Why can't conducting a webinar and sharing content be as easy as possible.

Here is how we are solving the above mentioned problems:

Livestreams are an integral part of KloudLearn

Livestreams are tightly integrated with KloudLearn and can be delivered to your (restricted) audience or a public audience instantly.

All sessions are automatically recorded and stored on our cloud storage

All sessions are automatically recorded (and viewers notified) unless you decide to turn off the feature. They are automatically saved in your cloud folder on KloudLearn.

Videos are instantly available to share or re-use

All videos are almost instantly available to share to people who might want to use them. You can assign users (of KloudLearn to use it), or invite those who don’t have access yet. Better still, you can publish them publicly on a page.

What more, we’re rolling out the ability to embed this live-stream anywhere on the internet.

Deliver live video to a website with your custom domain name

KloudLearn now additionally supports a new feature called pages, which allows you to setup a public facing website with a custom domain. The page as is based on one or more themes which you can select while creating the page.

With a single click, you can share your live-video stream to that website. No coding is required, and setup takes a few minutes. You can also share other courses built on KloudLearn to this website.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re an organization that is choosing to publish some corporate announcement live on a blog, or a trainer who wants to live-stream to an audience your website, the pages + live-video feature makes it super easy to build & publish a website with your recordings.

We’re building a slew of new features around live video broadcast and conferencing that will help users of KloudLearn to deliver live training and sharing as simple as possible.