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Introducing Free Courses on KloudLearn

We’re announcing the availability of free technology courses with Creative commons (CC BY 2.0) license on KloudLearn. These courses cover a gamut of tech topics. All of these courses will always be available under our free plan!

These courses a wide variety of tech subjects and we are constantly updating this content library so that you can get the best of free content on the internet without having to spend a large amount of money.

Now that is truly a reason for a celebration.

Some FAQ

What exactly is a creative commons license?

Creative commons is a license that allows re-use with attribution. At KloudLearn we’ve aggregated this content under these license to re-use them in a fair and equitable manner as allowed by the creative commons license.

While this feature is still experimental and will change, we will ensure that:

  • This content is always free and will be supported in our free plan
  • This content can be downloaded, re-used as long as you abide by creative commons licenses (CC By 2.0)
  • If you find us deviating from the content license terms, please let us know by emailing us at support @
  • The content is always used under a fair use policy
  • ### What does this mean for you as the user?
    • You get access to dozens of courses that you can use and re-use.
    • You can directly play this content from our content library
    • You can also add this your own library within the organization
    • You can assign this to users within your organization and track progress.
    • For more information on how this can be used, have a look at our nifty animated gif.

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