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Preview of Web Conferencing Features on KloudLearn

At KloudLearn, we spoke to several customers who gave us very clear and succinct feedback that it was important to incorporate web-conferencing as a part of our learning offering. The ability to train from within the platform was very important, with integration that provided the following ancillary features:

  • The ability to record and publish web conferences as a part of the training material
  • The ability to whiteboard and share existing material which is already a part of learning platform.
  • Present the on-going webinar in a beautifully designed web page which could be used as a landing page for that session.

Based on some of these needs, we have been building out web-conferencing features and would like to announce that we’re ready to preview web-conferencing solutions as a part of our learning platform. KloudLearn Web-conference illustration[users are actors]

KloudLearn’s Web-conferencing solution includes the following features

Deeply integrated with KloudLearn with built-in cloud storage

For starters - our web conferencing solution is deeply integrated into our product which means you will be able to re-use all of the assets within our platform within your conference call.

Landing Pages (see illustration at the bottom of the screen).

You can also build out beautiful landing pages indicating the content / material for discussion and share that as a public URL. This URL can be shared during the conference and this could include Screen-sharing

KloudLearn web-conferences provide a simple way to share screens with one click Recording

The web conference can be recorded and published as a video asset within the Kloudlearn platform.


KloudLearn supports web-chat function allowing conference participants to chat during the session.

Audience size

The web conference can handle a maximum of 20 collaborative participants, however KloudLearn will also automatically live-streaming web-conferences to support thousands of other participants who can listen in and participate passively. More details on how this will look like will follow in our upcoming blogs.

Lastly, we don’t intend to be a pure web-conferencing solution replacement and we are not in the business of enabling web-conferencing as a standalone product. But we certainly think that we can be a credible all-in-one learning platform that enables businesses to deliver training - for employees, customer success, Sales and customers themselves.

Interested to give this a try?

We hope you’re excited about this feature as much as we are about it. If you’d like to try this beta feature, sign up at for a free account today. Select customers will receive emails on activating some of these beta features.