Announcing support for a wide variety of content types.

Screenshot: assets screen.

We’re announcing support for a wide variety of content that can now be added as learning assets on KloudLearn.
This includes:

Asset Management Interface

We’re happy to introduce a single central repository for all content excluding courses on KloudLearn. This asset management screen, or simply called assets henceforth is a single place where any user (with the right permissions) can create content, upload content or embed them from external sources.

Within the asset manager, a content creator can also perform other operations such as select multiple content and delete (if the user has permissions to do so), tag content with a tag name, or create a course with one click.

Office documents can be previewed easily. Documents can also be shared or assigned to individual users.

PDF preview:

Video Preview:

Another powerful feature of the asset management screen is the search feature. This is an extremely handy feature and allows content builders or users to search through the multiple different types of content, tags, courses, dates, users or recency.

Our goal with the asset manager is to empower companies to store vast amounts of learning content and yet manage them effectively with a simple, and easy to use tool.

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