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Youtube Video Support

We’re excited to announce the support for embedding Youtube Videos within KloudLearn. With this feature, users can search for specific youtube videos, and add one or more as learning assets within the platform.

Why add Youtube Video?

Adding Youtube videos lets organizations to quickly leverage existing content from the internet to create courses or learning paths.

What can you embed?

You can embed any publicly embeddable content using the Youtube video feature.

What about licensing and Youtube terms

Youtube retains the licensing based on what the uploader has selected. Youtube licenses are of the following two types: A) Youtube license - which disallows any re-use and B) Creative commons - which allows re-use of content.

Since KloudLearn is embedding the public Youtube player, we completely comply with Youtube terms of service.

How does one add youtube videos?

Search for the youtube video that you’d like to add, and select one or more items. After that, “save videos” saves the videos within your asset manager.

Remember that Youtube embeds are to be used as-is, and will use the Youtube’s native player. Youtube may end up serving ads, recommendations to other content and more within those videos and the terms of use of Youtube Videos are governed by Youtube (and not by KloudLearn).