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Announcing the launch of video and screen recording on KloudLearn

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of Video and Screen recording on KloudLearn. With this feature, you can instantly record your video or your desktop and share it within Kloudlearn as an asset that could be used to train and learn.

You add your own video, screen recording or a combination of both, click on “Add” within the assets section and select the option. Allow browser permissions and you can instantly begin recording your video.

The following permission prompt will appear asking you to allow sharing your screen.

When you select share, the screen recording will begin. You can then move to the window of area where you’d like to focus on and continue recording.

Screen recording right now is a Chrome only feature and we plan to make it available on other browsers soon.

You can use screen recording or video recording feature to initiate practice sessions, record training material either with video or for products and more.