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From Data to Intelligence. How do we get there?

In HR circles, in employee all hands meetings, it is very fashionable to talk about Knowledge-workforce, Employee-empowerment, etc. etc. However, when most organizations are very siloed in their data repositories, going from Data to Intelligence appears to be a summit more challenging than K2!.

In practice it does not have to be.

With the right set of tools, organizational discipline, and employee commitment, making gradual but tangible steps towards knowledge empowered workforce is certainly achievable.

Not all knowledge is equal, its organization, currency and comprehensiveness playes a huge role in how relevant it is to the individual and the workgroup.

Here is a simple way to classify different forms of knowledge [see image in the header for illstration]

  1. Your comfy book shelf at home – if it is anything like mine, it is at best a collection of books, more eye candy than a usable repository.
  2. WWW, Wiki, Youtube – always on, an ocean of information but poorly catalogued and organized.
  3. Your library, E-Learning Catalogues – Well organized but often out of date.
  4. KloudLearn – endeavors to provide you the most up-todate information in the most organized way to meet your professional goals.

We at KloudLearn strive to provide employees and employers the tools to enhance employee learning and productivity. The good news is that employees and team members have a tremendous amount of knowledge and information, KloudLearn attempts to marshall it, organize it and make it available to meet your professional goals. This allows the average employee to benefit from the “guru” or “Expert”. As the cliched expression goes, “How do you run a marathon? One step at a time”. Similarly “how do you go from Data to Intelligence… One Step At A Time”!