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Kloudlearn announces a powerful course authoring tool that includes a wide variety of features to simplify course authoring.

To use the KloudLearn’s course authoring tool, simply navigate to courses section within your account.

The Basics: What is a course, lesson and asset?

A course is a learning path with one or more pieces of content (assets), organized into lessons. Think of lessons as modules within a course.

Lessons can have any type of learning content including Youtube videos, PDFs.

Lessons can have any number of assets within it.

In Kloudlearn, every single learning material - a video, youtube video, article etc is called an “Asset” or “content”.

Creating a course

To create a course, navigate to the courses tab and click on create a course.

You can add one or more lessons, followed by one or more assets. You can create assets (by clicking on add button), or import existing assets.

Privacy and assignment

The next step when saving courses is to setup privacy. The following privacy settings are available:

  • Private - no one can see the course
  • Public within the organization - Everyone within your organization can see the course.
  • Public - This course is public and can be accessible on the interet using a shareable url.

Assignment basically means that select individuals or groups within your company are required to attend this course.

Even if privacy settings is set as private, the individuals assigned can see the course.

Quick course creation

The fastest way to create a course is to simply select multiple assets. This will enable a contextual menu with a button called “Create course”.

Clicking on create course will directly publish all selected assets into a single lesson and help you focus on privacy settings.

The learner experience

The learner experience for the course player is an interactive player with navigation on the right. The learner can typically go through one or more lessons and all of the learning assets within the lessons.

As the learner is navigating through, Kloudlearn tracks the progress of the course for that learner.

Click here to see a demo of the course player.

Evaluation as a part of the course

As a content creator you can add course questions (expecting a text or video response), or even add a full blown quiz to a course.

At this moment of time, questions and quizes can be added anywhere within the course.

Learn more about questions and quizzes in the following blog: Course questions and grading

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