Course questions and grading

Course questions and grading

Kloudlearn enables course creators to add questions / evaluation to the course content by the following ways:

  • Quizzes - This can contain one or more questions with single or multiple choice answers.

  • Text questions which require a free form text box response. This can be used when you want to evaluate your learners with a question that doesn’t have a predefined answer and you don’t want to it to be a multiple choice quiz.

  • Video question which require a video recording response. This is very useful when you’re eliciting responses such as a sales pitch practice while undergoing sales training.

Questions enable content creators to add interactivity to the course. All answers also called as responses can be graded / evaluated using the Grading Station.

Evaluating responses using the Grading Station

The grading station is a place where course creators can grade responses from participants.

Different elements can be graded differently. Quizzes are the only questions that automatically graded.

Text and Video responses can be graded by any course creator using a rating system (1-5) using 3 custom rating labels. The labels can be customized to let the learner know what they are being evaluated on.

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