Announcing Publicly available courses and content

Announcing Publicly available courses and content

As discussed in the previous blog, Kloudlearn’s courses and assets can be published with various privacy settings.

One course privacy setting is “Public” which enables the course to be published on a publicly available URL.

This means that anyone can access your course as long as they have the URL to your course.

How does this work ?

As you create the course, change the privacy settings to public.

What happens next is that KloudLearn’s courses will be available on a unique URL publicly.

This url can be used to embed this course on any website (using an Iframe HTML Tag).

Here’s an example of a publicly available course:

What are the use cases for Publicly published courses and assets?

Publicly available courses have many interesting use cases.

  • Publish courses for Partner training on your website: You can embed courses on your website for partner or customer training where content is required to be public
  • Provide structured training material as a part of your blog
  • Share training material to anyone without having to register to use KloudLearn

We believe that Publicly available courses and assets are a gamechanger and helps democratize learning for companies that need to be outward facing.

Asif  | Founder - KloudLearn

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