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What are learning management systems - lms?

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software system for the management and delivery of online training. LMS’es are slightly different from training software because training software helps deliver live training. LMSs help educators or businesses to deliver training to their target audience, track progress and drive learning within companies.

A typical learner depends on the type of company using the LMS and their training goals.

With KloudLearn - you can support internal employees - Sales teams, customer success, Sales, or external students, customers etc.

With an LMS you can achieve the following use cases

  • A software company can use an LMS to deliver training on new subject
  • Most company can use LMS to deliver employee onboarding, Sales training etc
  • Companies can deliver live training on the LMS in conjunction to webinar software
  • Educators can use LMS to train their students on public facing websites

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