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Benefits of LMS's

The benefits of a Learning management systems (LMS) are as follows

Lower cost of training

An LMS will be able to completely save time and money for training. Traditional training involves classrooms, whiteboard sessions, prepared lecture and someone that needs to be physically available to train. With an LMS and pre-recorded courses you can save time and money on travel expenditure and people expenditure required to conduct F2F training. Learners can learn at their own pace, using any device and at anytime.

Create once, use anytime and anywhere

LMSes allow you to re-use content over and over again, and improve upon them. You can re-use your videos, ppts, or other form of content such as audio and video and re-use them to deliver consistent trainnig experience. With the right LMS, training can be delivered over and over again with no change in the quality of training delivered.

Distribution and delivery

With the right LMS, you can embed your content into any target url or medium. For example for new customer training, your LMS courseware can be attached directly into the email that goes out to customer.

Measure and improve

Good Learning Management Solutions typically offer good tracking capabilities. This means you can understand several things including who has taken the training, how engaging is the training and whether the training is effective by measuring a quiz or other forms of evaluation that the LMS offers.

Other benefits include

Improved employee satisfaction, highly engaged employees, highly engaged customers, improved net promotor scores (NPS) and improved customer satisfaction. The right LMS can usually add significant value to your business,.

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