Empowering the Modern Workforce through Personal Learning Cloud (PLC)

At KloudLearn, our vision is to create an educational platform to empower the modern workforce. Our founders were frustrated with the legacy 1990s basic Web 1.0 based e-learning technologies employed by most corporations.

In most corporations, other than the initial 1-5 day orientation sessions, on-going learning was limited at most to the annual “Sexual Harassment Education” compliance tests. Thereby when it came to on-going learning, employees were highly disengaged from employers.

To bring this into broader societal context.. Historically speaking, whenever there has been a widening income disparity between the rich and the poor in societies, it results in one of three ways: revolution, war, or taxes. What we witnessed this in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was the biggest revolution we saw during our lifetimes as Gen Y and Z members.

Rural and Middle America voiced their frustrations on a national scale and acted at the ballot box. They expressed their need for change, and how the modern American political, economic, and technological system had left them dis-enfranchised. Can you hear them now? At first, it seemed counter-intuitive for many of us, because we’re still seeing the stock market hit all-time highs, and unemployment at it’s lowest in almost 10 years. What this signals to us at KloudLearn, however, is that while we’ve seen massive productivity gains in the economy, those gains haven’t been realized equally throughout our country. It signals underemployment in certain sectors of the economy.

Politicians are able to capitalize on people’s worst fears, immigrants taking away our jobs, the threat of different races and nations on America’s competitiveness. But the truth of the matter is, “the dystopian future of technology replacing millions of jobs, it’s happening”.

Factory workers are being replaced by robots, drones are replacing delivery people, and self-driving cars threaten the entire fleet and taxi industry. The jobs that have been promised to bring back from other parts of the world, many of those have been automated and made obsolete by technology.

My economics coursework has taught me that firms and individuals will continue to try and maximize resources, and cut costs, in order to maximize output, many times with the help of technology/automation. And for better or worse, the rate of technological change is happening exponentially rather than linearly.

Governments and corporations needs to work together to re-tool parts of our labor force to help them make the shift from an agrarian/industrial economy to an information/digital/high value add service-oriented one. And individuals need to take the part of being willing to embrace change, learn new things, and retool themselves.

Our Vision

At KloudLearn we believe that developing human capital and a skilled labor force in America will be the defining issue of the foreseeable future. In times of divisiveness, populism, and geopolitical tension, it’s more important than ever to ignore the noise, make an attempt to understand the fundamental issues, and make investments in people so we can move forward and grow, more united, and stronger, together. Meet KloudLearn the Personal Learning Cloud, a platform to empower the modern workforce.

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