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“Succeeding in today’s complex business environment takes guts, grit and a high degree of competency in both the soft as well as the hard skills. To ensure success, smart professionals turn to an experienced coach for guidance and support in navigating the enormous professional challenges and opportunities. You are always a work in progress” Peggy Klaus

Employees are the backbone as well as the face of any organization. While the professional skill sets for the job they are assigned are essential for their performance it is equally important that their soft skills do not get neglected too.

Lack of soft skills may make a negative impact on their career while causing substantial harm to the organization in certain situations.

It would be greatly beneficial for both, the employees and organization, if employees were to be trained on soft skills such as leadership, communication, team work, positive thinking etc. to help them perform better in their respective roles.This also requires that the learners are eager to learn and ample opportunity is provided to them to help develop themselves into ace professionals.

Leadership skills

Leaders foster collaboration and build spirited teams who are able to convert “cannot” to “can”, “unwilling” to “willing”, the “impossible” to “possible” and “unsuccessful” to “successful”.

Leaders are [almost?] always in the forefront, representative of the company’s vision, mission and values. The intrinsic culture of the company seems an elusive factor but is surely an important aspect which is imbibed within the teamsby their respective team leads,and presents itself to the outside world collectively through them.

It is the leader’s responsibility to inspire, motivate and train team members to be able to work with passion and deliver on their assignments successfully.

An exemplary leader becomes a role model for the team members to follow and succeeds in growing and sustaining the strengths and capabilities of the team.

“Far too often, when Professionals are promoted to their “dream jobs,” they experience something closer to a nightmare. In fact, research indicates that up to forty percent of executives fail within the first eighteen months of taking on a new role.”

  • Peggy Klaus

To build up a strong leadership team, the onus lies on the organizations to provide the right opportunities in a suitable environment, for them to train and learn the much required skills to be a good leader.

Time Management

Effective time management is one of the most important aspects of work scheduling and execution. It is essential that all employees learn to use their time effectively and work to deliver their assignments on target. Starting with a list of to dos, setting priorities, making action plans, scheduling and assigning tasks, focus on deadlines which have to be adhered to.

Training on effective time management at work while maintaining an optimal work life balance enables employees to build a focused approach to their work and produce quality output at work and make sure personal life does not get hampered which includes maintaining good health and spirits.

Team Building

These words ring so true: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Working to achieve quality in delivering work on target and in time, is not the task of anindividual employee. Successful completion of any assignment requires great teamwork under the guidance of an able leader, in a very skilful, systematic and transparent manner.

All team members need to learn to communicate, cooperate, interact, be helpful and understanding, appreciate others efforts and work together being cognizant of the fact that they all share a common goal – completing and delivering the task successfully ensuring customer satisfaction leading to the organization’s success.

Communication Skills

“90% of all management problems are caused by miscommunication.” Dale Carnegie “Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.” Paul J. Meyer “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”,Lee Iacocca

With the advent of technology in our lives the world has practically become aglobal village where people all over the world are coming closer and closer due to the enormous communication channels that are now available using electronic media.

In this day and age, skilled communication has become imperative to be able to establish global connections at a personal or professional level.

An effective communication process enables transfer of information from one source tosingle or multiple receivers. The information needs to be completely and correctly comprehended by the receivers so that a clear understanding between the sender of information and the receiver of the same may be established.

Training on effective communication skills is an essential part of an employee’s development program in any organization as poor communication skills may over shadow the employee’s other stronger skill sets and capabilities and eventually hamper the quality and productivity.

Effective Problem Solving in the Workplace

Set yourself up to meet challenges, they may not seem to be what they are!

Problem solving involves the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. It is very important to first identify a problem correctly, create and evaluate a list of possible solutions, select the best option and then start work on the solution.

To come up with the most plausible solution and make it work, some calm reflections, deep thinking and analytical skills are required. Interactions within the team members should be cheerful and confident with the knowledge that every problem has a solution.

Employees need to be trained to face challenging situations with confidence and help strengthen the bond within the team members so that everyone makes significant contributions towards problem solving thinking “we” not “me”.


An employee may take an informed decision, maybe good or bad, or performan action with a sense of ownership that is the same as that of the stake holders or owners of the organization with full accountability.

These employees are typically self-motivated, maintain complete transparency, and do not back out from acknowledging their mistakes. Instead they turn their mistake in to a valuable lesson learnt and move forward all the wiser.

A true sense of ownership can be encouraged in the organization with result oriented group training sessions helping the employees to become accountable, responsible, pro-active and building a culture of high trust.

Critical Thinking

There are employees in organizations who go a step further from their assigned job role and put forth certain feedback and suggestions regarding current processes, giving birth to new ideas which can be taken up in brain storming sessions sometimes resulting in creativity, genius and innovation.

Organizations can adopt an amicable environment where employees are encouraged to come forward and voice their thoughts and opinions without any fear.

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