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Your 2020 Vision needs to include Upskilling

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Amazon announced this week that it is investing $700M to retrain ⅓ of its global workforce. At KloudLearn we believe that this is a sign of things to come.

When we talk to our customers across the globe, finding and optimizing the right talent is one of their highest priorities. Any organization is only as good as its people, and forward thinking companies like Amazon realize that providing them skills they need in the 4th industrial revolution is what will define them. Most businesses today face a variety of dynamic challenges – competition, technology, markets, innovations; all while delivering shareholder value. As innovative firms like Amazon, Google, Netflix have successfully demonstrated, if leveraged well, these could present enormous market opportunities. Companies that don’t embrace these challenges successfully could face existential threats. Does anyone remember Blockbuster? Navigating through these challenges successfully requires a workforce that is adept, agile and has a passion for continuous learning.

Picture: Amazon’s Seattle HQ

It is not entirely surprising that Amazon launched its Upskilling 2025 initiative. Amazon conducted a fascinating study on the nature of their changing workforce. What they found was that Amazon internally had many skills gaps for roles with specialized skillsets in areas such as Robotics, Language, and Applied Science.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “There are more job openings in 2019 (7.4 million) than there are unemployed Americans (6 million)”. At KloudLearn we see this as an opportunity to do our part in creating a platform for individuals to enhance their skillsets and transform their careers.

KloudLearn’s Personal Learning Cloud [PLC] makes it as simple and easy as possible to create the content your employees need, keep track of their progress, and empowering them with the skills they need for today and tomorrow.

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