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Announcing the launch of Course Notes

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Learning needs to be a highly engaging process. While some like to skim, speed read or read slowly, others like to take notes.

Since engagement continues to be a challenge in learning platforms, it makes sense to take advantage of the power of the group to help improve learning. Introducing Course Notes from KloudLearn, a feature that takes advantage of the group collaboration to help learn better.

What are course notes?

Course notes is a feature that allows learners to take notes while a user is currently playing and learning a course. Course notes are a new feature that enable learners to add notes to various learning resources.
### Course notes can be used to annotate videos Course notes can be used to annotate videos at specific points in time. The course notes get replayed at particular points in time as the video progresses.
Course notes can be rich Course notes can be rich containing text, video and other forms of content.

Course notes can be public

Notes can be used privately, or shared publicly among other learners by selecting privacy settings “Same as course”. This allows courses to inherit the privacy settings of the course and make it available to everyone who has access to this course.
Review mode Kloud-Learn’s upgraded course player now features a review mode. Review mode enables users to review notes from different learning assets. The new course player also tracks progress including the percentage of completion of a given learning resource.

Sharing courses publicly

Course player now has the feature to share content publicly. This includes all content as well as notes that users have shared (and made public).
Public courses are a great way of embedding learning material and courses anywhere on the internet.

Tracking completion times

Even non logged in users can track progress and completion times against various learning assets. Non logged in users can also review publicly shared notes.

We’re excited about releasing this new feature. Get in touch with us for your feedback. New to KloudLearn? Sign up for a free trial at

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