KloudLearn LMS Courses - What are they, a quick introduction

This blog will provide a quick introduction to the concept of Courses within the KloudLearn Learning Management Platform, and helping you to use it.

So lets get started by asking the first question, what is a Course?

A course, much like the real world is a series of steps, or material that you’d need to cover to complete a given subject. KloudLearn provides the concept of courses - that allow users to learn at their own pace, using a self service platform.

Organizations can build their their own courses, or use existing courses that are built into KloudLearn (more on this in upcoming blogs).

A course can be created by an organization admin by going to Courses and clicking on Create a course button.

A course consists of one or more modules, each having its own material or content.

Today, KloudLearn supports adding resources like video content today and very soon in the future, we will support other forms of content including power-point presentations, Q&As and SCORM compatible materials. Org admins can upload their own recorded material, or import from our vast library of creative commons content today.

Once created, a course can be played using a course player which typically looks like this: Course Player on KloudLearn

An example of a course is listed on this url: https://www.xedflix.com/classroom/watch/course/87.

What features do courses provide for admins on KloudLearn?

Courses were made to promote learning of specific subjects in a structured manner, and courses have the following features to empower organization admins:

  • Organization admins can assign courses to users within their organization.
  • Courses can have a set deadlines.
  • Courses can be monitored for progress by individual users using our analytics feature.
  • Courses can be shared (when enabled public) on your company blog, website or any other website using our embed feature.

More questions?

We’re happy to answer more of your questions using our support channel support [at] kloudlearn.com.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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