Creating a course

First Step - uploading Videos

Before you create a course, it is important to upload the videos in the video manager. Typically you can upload one video in each window at a time. But uploads are quick and in-general your videos should be ready and available in seconds.

Once you’ve uploaded videos, you can create courses by clicking on the create course option.

A course on Kloudone contains one or more modules. Each module typically contains one or more assets (videos today and other forms of content in the near future).

After that, you can add modules using the course modules section. Each module can have one or more videos. There can be multiple modules within the application.

Step 2

The next step is to save, publish and preview the course which is again a really simple process.

Once the course has been published, the course creator can preview the course and confirm that the course is organized the way the user would like to see it.

We hope that you find this explainer blog useful and stay tuned for further updates.

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