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Self Evaluation for Performance Review - Phrases, and statements to make

No one likes performance reviews. For many, self-appraisals are an annoying part of the yearly process. How can you make a point about your performance without sounding boastful?.

No matter where you stand on their value, self-appraisals are becoming increasingly common together with 360 degree reviews Here are some best practices to help you when its time for you to do a self review.

Start by getting feedback

Ask your manager as to how how he / she plans to use the self-appraisal. Ask for honest feedback, and how this feedback will factor into his or her own feedback.

Talk about your accomplishments

You should talk about your achievements without sounding boastful. Don’t be arrogant but don’t downplay your successes either. Talk about your accomplishments and contributions. Talk about metrics that you’ve impacted.

Acknowledge mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. And it is okay to admit and acknowledge mistakes. Just do it carefully. Whatever missteps that you ahve done, talk about it and how you plan to address it. Specifically talk about improvements on how you plan to address your gaps.

Focus on you

Self performance review appraisals are about you. Always use phrases that indicate to your manager that you are truly talking about your performance. You don’t want to start shifting the blame on others.

Smart employees lobby for career developments by asking what they want during self appraisals.

Good employees use the time during self-appraisals to ask for the things that they expect in terms of career development opportunities. Even if your boss doesn’t explicitly ask for this, you should ask it anyway. Ask about that promotion that you’ve been expecting, a raise, or more challenging projects that you were expecting to ask your manager or boss.

Managers can help too

Managers must remain motivational during the self evaluation phase and must ask their subordinates about their expectations, aspirations as well as their fallacies. Managers must expect their employees about concrete improvement plans on items that the employees think that could use improvements.

Self appraisal principles Do

Understand how your self-appraisal is going to be done.
Focus on accomplishments.
As a manager manager focus on your employees’ motivations and interests


Focus on your weaknesses. 
Be defensive or blame others 
Forget to ask what you're looking for career opportunities.