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Overview of the Addie Model in Instructional Design

The ADDIE model is an instructional design framework used by instructional designers in training and development.

The different phases are phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools. The Addie model while common, has its weaknesses.

Most of the current instructional design models are therefore spin-offs or variations of the ADDIE model. So what are the other models? the Dick & Carey and Kemp ISD models are a few other common models.

The steps of the Addie Model Explained.

Analysis > Design > Development > Implementation > Evaluation Analysis Phase

In the analysis phase, instructional goals and objectives are established and skills are identified.

Analysis phase

So what is done in the analysis phase?

  • Identify the new behavioral outcomes
  • What kind of constraints exist?
  • What is the timeline for project completion?
  • ### The Design Phase The design phase is about assessment methods, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, lesson planning and media selection. Steps during design phsae
    • Document the training program's instructional, visual and technical design strategy
    • Apply instructional plans based on outcomes
    • Create storyboards
    • Design the user interface and user experience
    • Prototype creation & apply graphic design
    • ### The Development Phase The development phase is when the actual content is built in conjunction with designers, programmers and analysts. ### Implementation Phase The implementation phase is when the training of the trainer is done. The trainers training should cover full curriculam, goals, metrics and other tools that help with the overall delivery of the training program. If the content needs to be posted somewhere, example a learning management platform (LMS), then it is done during the implementation phase. ### Evaluation Phase The evaluation phase consists of formative and sumative phases. Formative evaluation is present in every step of the ADDIE process. Summative evaluation are tests designed for feedback from users. The Kirkpatrick model is typically used during the evaluation phase. ## Instructional design using the ADDIE model with KloudLearn Are you ready to build your courses using the ADDIE Model with the most modern LMS ever built? Sign up at KloudLearn for a free account.