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Employee self evaluation, performance evaluation points to discuss & phrases to make with examples

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In our last blog about performance reviews, we covered about what kind of phrases one should use.

This blog goes a step further and provides

  • self evaluation examples / self evaluation samples
  • self performance review examples during an appraisal for employees
  • Performance review or self evaluation discussion points
  • Talking points, phrases to make during performance evaluations or self reviews for both employees and managers
  • Ways to effectively communicate with examples of statements to make during an employee review

We also talk about what kind of phrases to make during such a performance review both as an employee and as a manager conducting the performance review.

Collaboration and communication

Meets / Exceed expectations points

  • Employee is a team player
  • Employee helps others even if they don’t ask for help
  • Employee loves to work with teams
  • Employee is passionate about getting results
  • Employee wants to achieve a common goal
  • Employee puts work above personal interests
  • Employee promotes a team centered environment

Does not meet expectations

  • Employee likes to be left alone
  • Employee doesn’t work in teams
  • Employee doesn’t get along with other team members
  • Employee doesn’t take criticism well.

Phrases to make during your performance review

  • I love to work with my team members
  • My goal is to be aligned with the mission of the company
  • I love to be a team player

Phrases to make if you’re the manager

  • You are a fantastic team player
  • You work towards a common goal
  • You are the glue that this team needs

During Unacceptable performance

  • Accept criticism without reacting to it
  • Try to work together as one team
  • Try to communicate more often

Commitment and Professionalism

Meets / Exceed expectations points

  • Employee is committed to his / her job
  • Employee is a big picture thinker
  • Has a thirst for new skills, challenges and knowledge
  • Has an accountable attitude
  • Respects his work timescales
  • Is punctual to meetings
  • Meets deadlines without being reminded
  • Fully complies with company procedures
  • Submits all work assignments on time
  • Maintains a professional demeanor
  • Does not misbehave with colleagues, no matter what the circumstances
  • Respects employee boundaries
  • Demonstrates the professional job-specific skills necessary to provide the appropriate quality of work

    Does not meet expectations

  • Does not encourage team to find creative solutions
  • Not good at communicating issues within team members
  • Blames others for problems
  • Responds with “I don’t know” when the question is tricky
  • Talks over others in meetings
  • Never talks at meetings
  • Doesn’t work well with other team members

Phrases to make during your performance review

  • I am committed to our vision and mission statement
  • I will continue to improve to be a team player
  • I am committed to team work
  • I am committed to holding myself to the highest professional standards

Phrases to make if you’re the manager

  • We like your commitment to work
  • You’ve been great at respecting employee boundaries
  • We like your work ethic
  • We’re happy with your work

Phases to make to if you’re the manager when performance is not upto the mark

  • Need to see more commitment and professionalism
  • Deadlines are important
  • Respect employee boundaries


Meets / Exceed expectations points

  • The employee builds an atmosphere of trust
  • IS an asset to the team
  • Deals difficult situations with incredible posture
  • Stays positive
  • Has a smile on the face
  • Cheerful person and people feel delighted to be around him
  • Highly enthusiastic about new challenges

Below Expectations

  • Can be rude
  • Choice of language can be inappropriate
  • Tone of voice is inappropriate
  • Has a tendency to create problems
  • Gets irked over minor things

Phrases to make during your performance review

  • I have a positive outlook of my job
  • I enjoy working with my colleagues
  • While some situations can be challenging, I do my best to be positive about the outcome.

Phrases to make to if you’re the manager

  • You have a great attitude
  • People enjoy your work and your company
  • You have a positive outlook to your work

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Meets / Exceed expectations points

  • Is objective in considering facts or situations
  • Is able to find alternative solutions and determine the most suitable outcome to challenging problems
  • Doesn’t allow emotions to influence decisions
  • Is supportive and encourages others to work with him.
  • Thinks twice about making a decision
  • Able to tackle hard situations
  • Is always objective
  • Is decisive when needed.
  • Makes judgements driven by facts

Below Expectations

  • Too hesitant to make a decision
  • Applies overly complex approaches to solving problems
  • Is paralyzed and confused when facing tight deadlines to make decisions
  • Applies a narrow and rushed decision making approach
  • Avoids conflict at work in relation to decision making
  • Makes too many excuses when has to decide on hard things
  • Easily loses focus

Phrases to make during your performance review

  • I do not hesitate to take hard decisions
  • I do not get paralyzed with hard decisions
  • I apply a narrow and rushed decision-making process

Phases to make as a manager

  • I am happy that you are very decisive
  • Good to see that you’re able to avoid conflicts when decisions are hard
  • I like the fact that you have a lot of focus in what you do

Phases to make as a manager, when performance is not upto the mark

  • You have to be more decisive
  • Don’t be afraid to take hard decisions
  • Ensure that your team members are in agreement before you execute on your decisions
  • Be a democratic decision maker

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