What is e-learning

E-Learning - What does it mean?

E-Learning is the delivery of education in an online environment. E-Learning can be typically delivered live, or in a pre-recorded environment. Live training require livestreaming or webconferencing tools.

E-learning today is delivered through a variety of online platforms together with dozens of different types of content like video, powerpoint, quizzes, surveys, audio etc in a classroom styled environment but conducted online.

E-Learning is delivered through e-learning courses which are nothing but groups of similar content with a common objective, delivered through a platform called a Learning Management platform (LMS).

Typically LMS accepts any kind of content including SCORM compliant content (SCORM stands for Sharable content object reference model).

You can build your own SCORM content with most platforms or buy third party SCORM content.

How does E-Learning Help?

E-Learning makes content accessible for learners without geographical boundaries.

E-Learning delivers online learning regardless of geographical boundaries and this is very important in a globalized world where learning groups can exist in any part of the world.

E-learning has particularly been useful where new technology content and platforms like Youtube (though not exactly learning platforms) have penetrated the world’s internet users (except China). This combination together with vast availability of content has been very useful in the propogation of information and learning for users around the world.

E-Learning dramatically reduces training costs

In the workplace, e-learning platforms have revolutionized the delivery of content while dramatically reducing training costs.

E-learning saves money, time, and resources because most of the content is hosted on the cloud. And because it’s easy to use and access, and costs low - it can be used by a large audience. As technology continues to push e-learning forward, education, training, and professional development will reach wider audiences and impact more learners.

E-Learning makes learning convenient

Modern Learning platforms or LMS allows users to participate learning across multiple devices like mobile phones, desktop computers or tablets.

LMS also allws users to participate in courses at any time of the day, attend to exams or quizzes as well as resume sessions across multiple devices.

E-Learning means content delivery through cutting edge channels for a holistic experience

Very soon learning platforms are expected to advance into virtual and augmented reality to deliver content via cutting edge channels for a holistic learning experience.

See 8i.com’s volumetric 3D video delivered in VR Demo below.

E-learning allows instructors / trainers to easily measure the impact of learning.

A Modern LMS will allow instructors to measure the impact of training through analytics.

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